This is a juicy article full of helpful advice. 

Here are the key takeaways for each generation to help spark a conversation in your team about adapting your strategy to work for this multilayered candidate landscape: 


Want Flexible hours or part-time work so offer opportunities for partnership to continue to benefit from their experience and knowledge.

Gen X

Text and e-mails are strong communication methods for this age group. And always promote a combination of company culture and the “day to day” of the role*. 


They want the ability to grow. Promote mentoring programmes available. Better yet, assign them a mentor during the recruitment programme. Or build a bot that can do that for you. 

Gen Z

A blend of all 4 (according to this article): they want learning, mentoring, flexibility, and purpose. That being the case make sure you connect with them individually. Your candidate experience must be personalised. 

*Our latest Candidate Experience research revealed that a worryingly high percentage of candidates do not fully understand they role they've accepted, despite lengthy recruitment processes and conversations. DM me if you'd like the full research findings.