There are a few familiar descriptors for Gen Zs: Tech-savvy, independent, and impact-focused are a few. 

This article is a well researched, handy reference list. No surprises but some recruitment challenges eg #1 keeping face to during volume recruitment. I'd make the case that 'face to face' is a another way of describing relationship and support. We recently turned around a video interview process where candidates were dropping off for lack of support and the personal touch. It was a simple solution that made a remarkable difference. So Gen Z needn't be overwhelming to adjust to. Rather it requires starting with paying attention to their needs plus simple solutions. 

Here's the list:

1. Gen Z prefers face-to-face communication over digital. 

2. Gen Z wants frequent feedback from their managers.

3. Gen Z prides themselves on challenging the status quo.

4. Gen Z wants honest and direct communication.

5. Gen Z is particularly attuned to gendered language.

6. Gen Z values collaboration and teamwork, especially with peers.