At a PeopleScout breakfast this morning with over 30 HR & TA leaders, we shared highlights from an extensive research study we've conducted into Candidate Experience. 

The subsequent debate covered lots of angles - including the over-use of corporate speak, acronyms and industry phrases across much of the candidate journey. 

Many clients are clearly yet to put the candidate at the heart of the process and make it simple for them to understand the role they will be doing (and their suitability) plus how they'll fit into the organisation. 

In fact one in five people holding job offers aren't sure they're equipped to do the role. No wonder 'ghosting' levels are at an all-time high!

There are some quick wins to be had. From mystery-shopping your own recruitment process through to reviewing job profiles, advertising listings and candidate communications; ensure that your communication clearly and simply sets out your employer promise and gives the people you want to hire a clear sense of the recruitment process, what you expect from them and why they should work for you.

Or as a jargonistic manager might put it:  “be highly cognizant of the optics of your employer brand”!!