Great insight here from Bill Boorman on inclusion. So many points resonate with me and most employers support reasonable adjustments don't they? But how many go further to make sure they are truly inclusive rather than just 'ticking the box'? 

Over the years I have worked with many companies where inclusion is rightly high on the agenda. But have believed more can be done than just checking for reasonable adjustments in the application process. How much-untapped talent is out there who don't declare any disability or requirement for a reasonable adjustment to support them through the process, due to how it may be perceived? Your selection process needs to balance assessing skills & experience, their potential at the same time as ensuring the candidate has the best opportunity to succeed. I think most people will agree that too often we lose sight of the 'ensuring the candidate has the best opportunity to succeed' element. So how do we do this? It doesn't just start and end with the application form. It needs to flow through leadership, culture and environment. Not just practices and tools.

So why not check-in and see how inclusive your recruitment practices are today?