A hands-in-the-air poll at our recent HR Insight breakfast revealed that 90% of the companies represented were looking at Europe with a new focus. This is in light of Brexit plus France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, and UK companies experiencing 2.1 % growth. What's more, McKinseyreport that larger, more internationally focused companies, predicting revenue growth above 5%.

This was certainly the case across Europe for Amazon who were experiencing large levels of growth resulting in a significant increase in headcount across management positions, particularly in the UK, France, and Germany. Giving a great candidate experience is paramount for Amazon and realising they did not have the capacity to ensure this for every candidate, the urgency of the roles, and complex nature of the situation, they engaged us to assist and partner with them to meet these demands.

Engaging a large volume of candidates across multiple countries speaking different languages and operating under different employment laws presented a unique challenge.

and the results were impressive: 

• 576 candidates submitted 

• 443 invited to interview 

• 112 offered 

• 8% reduction in Time to hire

If you face a similarly complex, international, time pressured challenge to this, here's how to overcome it: 

1 Use established, proven European based delivery centres

2 Multilingual resourcing consultants are essential

3 Briefing and training on the roles, candidate profile, and culture

4 Nimble strategies that respond to live candidate behaviour driven by data and analytics

Sounds simple, right? 

Not according to Sean Hardingham, the Customer Relationship Director in charge of the campaign: "Honestly, our ability to mobilise a multilingual, highly skilled team across Europe as the key to it all. As well as focusing tightly on the targets and keeping customer at the heart of delivery."

Now the campaign is over rather than rest and review our success, the work goes on. We continue to work with Amazon providing them a Volume overflow service for times of increased headcount and need.