In today’s competitive employment market, organisations of all sizes need top talent to drive their business forward. Tuesday saw our first Industry Insight event with 13 Head of TA and Recruitment from broad range of sectors: finance, retail, law, insurance, technology, and creative/media. In the space of an hour we tackled thorny topics and current trends such as: 

- Adapting resourcing strategies for future (known and not known) hiring needs

- When size of business influences resourcing structure and design

- Differentiating when hiring like for like in sector

- Alternative sources of talent with innovative, cross sector apprenticeship collaborations

- Overcoming geographical hiring challenges

- That there is a powerful shift underway around the metrics applied to recruiters: from time to hire to net promoter score, for example

Reflecting on the conversation there were some clear themes emerging about how to find the right skills in this competitive environment: 

1. Influencers. Maturing resourcing functions are adopting influencer marketing strategies. 

2. Referral schemes. Remain an essential component with reward schemes devised to ensure that diversity is maintained. 

3. Technology for internal moves. Investment is being made on niche tools aimed at surfacing internal talent. 

4. Purpose and culture as differentiator. Re-curating employer brands to better articulate your culture and purpose to your audience. 

5. Candidate Experience as a differentiator. Firstly recording candidate experience with honest and comparable metrics. Secondly identifying how candidate experience should be to reflect your individual brand.

But these were not without their challenges. Commonly cited hurdles to overcome were getting future needs from the business - not as easy as it sounds, line manager capability and their impact on candidate experience, and assessing for purpose and fit.

If  you're interested in joining these conversations, you are very welcome, let me know and I'll connect you with the organisers.