Here are the essential elements to think about if you want to improve your Times Top 100 (TT100) ranking this year. 

Start here:  

Q: How many interactions would you have before you'd consider applying to an employer? 

A: 5

Use a multi channel, diverse marketing mix to achieve this. 

For example:Social media + physically on site + website + email + radio + (and 1 for luck) paid search. 

We achieved a 20% increase in diversity applications for the Civil Service this year with just such a combination and a killer new look and messaging in their marketing. 

The mindset to adopt - which only comes when you truly know your audience - is summarised beautifully by Meghan Keaney Anderson. VP Marketing at Hubspot:

“Don’t push people to where you want to be; meet them where they are.”

You also need to get practical and think about which universities you receive the most applications from, where have you previously received votes from, volumes of students who match your ideal persona, and differentiating between your term 1 and term 2 on campus activity. 

You probably already know that the questionnaires and surveys happening in January and February each year. If you want to do a top up and get some traction this year, do give me a call:

Rowena, Entry Level Talent Strategy Director


This blog draws from our experience getting Civil Service to the coveted #1 place TT100 last year and an extremely informative presentation from our partners, RMP Enterprise.