In the 4th quarter of 2019, we hosted events large and small dedicated to discussing and unpicking the future of resourcing. Heads of Talent, HRDs, Early Career Leaders dissected the latest thinking and talked about what they're seeing in business right now. Reflecting on these conversations and drawing on the debates, the key topics coming up were as follows. 

1) Companies with the same brand challenges and look similar on paper use brand in totally different ways. One large consumer organisations who are seeking to manage attrition have a recruiter led focus on hitting phones to build candidate engagement and connection with their brand where as a large defence organisation with the same challenge have a direct up front approach to brand, to suss out those who are truly interested. 

2) Improving diversity continues to be one of the biggest challenges facing organisations. I can't think of a conversation that didn't appreciate the lack of 'silver bullet' and frustration at slow progress. Some organisations are thinking creatively about hiring different talent. This, for me, is the future of resourcing and HR more broadly - looking at society as it really is and recruiting accordingly. Some leading the way include Barclays with their Armed Forces programme that also includes the spouses and their apprenticeship for over 50s programmes. There is still a long journey for some organisations to remove years of ‘bad practice’ and bias.

3) Technology skepticism. Overwhelmingly, I heard concern that the huge commercial opportuities in HR Tech mean that there are infinite options for HR Leaders and concern about which will actually work. Corporate tendancy for one size solutions (still) means that many parts of HR end up with tech that isn't fit for their needs. Along side this, however, the general atmosphere was that we haven't seen yet quality tech that makes a real difference. 

Finally ... a good food for thought question to consider: Can #AI replace a recruiter end to end? The response when we asked this was that it jars with a need to engage in conversations to influence and get to know candidates. But what do you think? Would love to hear.