With technology and automation shaping the future of work it can seem like 'scary' times for those whose skills may no longer be needed as a result. WIth scary times ahead who is going to save those affected by it?

Enter the new superhero.....HR! These superheroes are leading the charge on defining pathways for employees, colleagues and teams to reskill themselves as we enter the new digital and automated future of work.

Essentially there are five key things in work that are bringing the reskilling opportunities of the future to life: 

First is the idea of a rallying cry - a big powerful commitment from the top that we will invest in people.

Second tool is to use modern skills assessments to guide investment in reskilling and avoid blanket reskilling plans. 

Third is to match the pace of change with agile strategic workforce planning. Instead of planning what roles employees need to be reskilled for in five years’ time, HR should constantly look at the data, plan what skills and jobs are emerging, and continuously adapt the workforce planning strategy to meet these needs.

Fourth tool is to bring talent acquisition and L&D together, for example, at The Walt Disney Company any female worker in any role can put themselves forward to be reskilled to become a software engineer.

Fifth is to embrace new talent pipelines, giving people opportunities who wouldn’t normally have the chance.