How do you work?  Self employed, full-time, part-time, contractor or zero hours.  There have been seismic shifts in the types of engagement employees (if that is the correct phrase) have with employers.  Legislation is also having an impact as well as IR35 kicks in and changes the status of some contractors.  

So what impact is this having on the mix of employees in the workforce?  We now have a roughly 50/50 across gender, so what impact is that having on the make up of the workforce?  Millennial and Gen X,Y & Z have very different outlooks on work and careers, is that changing anything?

This article that I found on BBC News is really informative and for anyone in the talent space provides some great insights.

One challenge that people may want to ponder is whether we are open minded enough about where the talent is and what type of "work model" they want to have before we say there are talent shortages?