Personally, I loath the 'glocal' phrase. 

It's too tricksy and smug by far. 

But the recent challenges McDonald's in Portugal have faced is a clear reminder why employers need to balance local nuancing and relevance (primary) with an appreciation (or awareness) of wider global trends and attitudes. 

Now the Marketing team at the golden arches were probably elated with the pithy 'Sundae, Bloody Sundae' line (high fives all round)  - perfectly blending Halloween with their cherished dessert offering. There might have even been some awareness of the U2 song with the same name. 

Anyhow, they clearly weren't aware of the events in Northern Ireland during the Troubles and the potential backlash.

So what's the lesson for recruiters? Global employer activation - relying on a single message/theme globally - is clumsy resembles the worse corporate marketing. 

In an attempt to include everyone it ends up anodyne wallpaper - offending - and inspiring - nobody. 

And whilst localisation and reframing a proposition for the local market is clearly the way to go for maximum impact and cut through, you still need a level of consistency to stop dilution. 

Over-local won't cause marketing headlines, but it'll dilute your EVP impact - especially if your existing and potential staff groups travel widely and experience brand disconnect.