Research conducted this year from honed in on the role of parents in career choices. Shockingly, but on reflection I'm not entirely surprised, the results revealed that only 15% of parents would support a career in hospitality for their children.  

I get that. Hospitality has been in decline as a career path for decades* yet the skills gap the sector is experiencing means now is a great time to join. Parents need to find the right balance between supporting and intervening based on outdated misconceptions. Particularly seeing as almost half (42%) of young people reported that hospitality was an attractive career path [see fig 1. below]. 

So, if you're a parent and are thinking about your child's career, here's what it takes for a young person to be successful in hospitality: 

According to Neil Patterson, Director at the characteristics most suited to hospitality are: being proactive, creative and hungry for a long term success. Those who are keen on progression, training and taking advantage of development opportunities.  There are highly paid, highly skilled career paths through kitchens, hotels, and even the high street. 

Food for thought.... (sorry for the pun)

Fig 1. Preferred career choices: Parents v 18 - 24 yr olds. 

Careers parents encourageCareers young people find attractive
1.       Engineering (49%)1.       Media & Marketing (61%)
2.       Law (43%)2.       Healthcare (60%)
3.       Finance (43%)3.       Law (56%)
4.       Healthcare (34%)4.       Finance (50%)
5.       Media & Marketing (25%)5.       Engineering (49%)
6.       Construction (25%)6.       Performance Arts (45%)
7.       Manufacturing (23%)7.       Hospitality (42%)
8.       Hospitality (15%)8.       Sales (40%)
9.       Agriculture (14%)9.       Retail (36%)
10.   Performance Arts (12%)10.   Manufacturing (31%)


* Ref:  KPMG Labour Migration in the Hospitality Sector Report, March 2017