I've long held the belief that it's not where we post an advert, it's what the advert says.

Here's a great find which comes from Hung's Recruiting Brainfood.

BLUF: Bottom Line Up Front

Which is something I've been advocating for some time in job adverts. Take the most impactful thing you can say, and say it first.

At PeopleScout my team and I spend a lot of time looking at job adverts, our adverts, competitor adverts, advert apply click data, and measuring impact changes to adverts can make.

And what we typically see is that the very first thing that should be done is to review your advert.

It doesn’t matter where it is posted if the advert doesn’t really explain exactly what that job is, what you’ll do, and what you’ll be responsible for. Nobody will apply, unless it’s a bit of a wildcard application.

For me it all starts with a punchy intro. That’s the one bit of the advert job seekers are almost guaranteed to read. So why spend loads of time putting your best effort into the job description, that, lets face it, if the intro hasn’t hooked them in, they won’t even get to.

BLUF: Bottom Line Up Front