A significant finding, that brings some positive news in a tumultuous external world that is watching Brexit unfold, is that graduate recruitment numbers are up by 10% and school leaver hires are up by 7%.  This is a rise not seen since 2013/14. 

On the other hand, there are some counter-indicators that suggest this might not be the whole story. Firms recruited 4% less interns this year than last year and offered 7% less placements. Largely driven by decline in numbers in engineering and energy sectors. 

Employers also reported finding it difficult to fill roles. Fro example,  41% of employers who were recruiting graduate engineers and 39% who were recruiting programmers and IT developers found this to be the case. 

"When asked about their long-term vision, employers expressed concerns that engineers, IT and technical and analytical roles would become even more difficult to recruit over the next five years."  ISE Research Team, Sept 10th, 2019. 

There is also concern (53%) that Brexit or a recession will negatively impact recruitment over the next few years. We are all aware of this and continue to watch and see how it all unfolds. So much remains unclear about the impact of this historic change. 

In my opinion, these things remain constant: 

- stay connected to your audience, listen to what they want, what they're afraid of, what they need and adapt accordingly. That goes for your candidates and your business clients. 

- be true to who you are as a professional and as an organisation. In this period of uncertainty trust and relationships will make or break your recruitment and your sanity. 

- evaluate and seek feedback constantly. The tiniest niggles can be the difference between keeping that amazing 16 yr old engineering apprentice from Derby and losing her to another company or another career choice.