It's staggering how - in a market where there's still fierce competition for key skills - few organisations provide feedback and consistently measure their candidate experience.

Research by PeopleScout reveals that 34% of job seekers rate their latest recruitment experience as poor. 58% did not receive regular updates on their application and 52% feel that they are not treated as individuals.

The consequences are serious. Only 37% would recommend some companies and 38% are less likely to buy some company’s products or services showing that the employer brand impacts on perceptions of the consumer brand.

Most organisations seem prepared to ignore this with only 11% of organisations asking for candidate feedback. Instead job seekers share their experience with friends and family (83%) and through social media (64%).

We're seeing a huge increase in employers running cNPS - candidate Net Promoter Score research - either based on primary data or measuring variances in sentiment on review sites such as Glassdoor or Indeed.