If you have worked in any area of recruitment you will recognise the challenge of getting high quality feedback from hiring managers. This is exacerbated in high volume recruiting. Managers are focused on engaging successful candidates and concentrating on their day jobs. No matter how much fantastic training they have had, if they have seen 20 candidates in a week where do they get the time?

This coupled with the move towards more automated processes can mean that organisations can risk significant damage to their reputations, negating much of the investment they have made into their employer brand.

Social media fans the flames of a poor candidate experience and in some areas, e.g Graduate Recruitment, an organisation's credibility can take a long time to rebuild.

So how can you make it work?

Investment in Assessment Centre Software provides a real time paperless and efficient way of recording a candidate performance, as well as providing analysis on individuals and historic data to assess the performance of your assessors and whether your assessment methodology is resulting in the right hires for you business. It can also send tailored feedback for every candidate who has attended, without them having to ask.

So what about the personal bit?

When designing your assessment, why not include a section where you can ask your assessor to provide a small piece of personal feedback or a 'top tip' for success? This can them be  included in automatically generated feedback.

Support your assessors in how to deliver their golden nuggets of feedback in an constructive, engaging and personalized way.  No Space Cadets!

If you get this right not only will have an efficient assessment process and fingertip information on performance, you will no longer have to manage high volumes of feedback requests.

Most of all it will enhance your candidate experience making candidates advocates of your organisation.

I never did pass that bit of feedback to the candidate. I wonder if NASA provide a postal service?