From HMRC (and that dreaded annual return) through to travel and insurance aggregators, what unites their digital journeys is the customer clearly sitting at the heart of the model.

Compare that to recruitment and there are clear gaps in the candidate experience – with less effort to build trust and deliver engagement at every stage of the process.

So – taking a leaf from the consumer marketing model – why don’t employers consider:

  • Delivering feedback to candidates between stages – why they’ve been progressed
  • Giving feedback to successful candidates and their hiring managers
  • Using chatbots and other technology to deliver more personalised and intuitive content
  • Providing more information around the different stages of the process – and what they assess
  • Clearer FAQs
  • Indications of how much of the process has been completed

TMP’s work with the AA in remodelling the website journey and introducing enhanced chatbot functionality has delivered clear results with increased page views, returning visitors and dwell times.

And the prize? Not only will you reduce leakage to your talent pipeline but you’ll be enhancing your employer brand by delivering a markedly different recruitment process.