Heineken has evolved its employer branding to focus on employee stories. 


To create a sense of pride internally in working for the company, raise awareness and engagement among prospective hires to improve the quality of new talent coming in.


33 x 45-second video stories from Heineken staff across all roles, levels and departments, in Each person describes being faced with a challenge they need to turn into an opportunity. All the videos end with a question ‘Ready to…’, for example ‘Ready to turn a no into a yes?’ or ‘Ready to work some miracles?’.

If you are experiencing any challenges in your recruitment such (eg high recruitment agency fees, too few diverse candidates in your pipeline, too many or too few applications overall) the 3 strands in Heineken's revamp are worth paying attention to:  

1. Commission research before you do anything

To understand what the new brand and campaign should focus on and what it will take for it to be successful. revealed 3 core pillars: 

- Authenticity by focussing on real stories

- Transcendency to ensure the brand meas something to more people

- Long-term management to ensure consistent increase in quality and quantity of applicants, rather than just an initial inspirational spike when it goes live. 

“Good employer branding is about good collaboration with other functions, the marketing function in particular". 

As for the platforms for distribution, LinkedIn is a “given”, alongside Facebook, Instagram and Glassdoor. To help, they have drafted in global HR social media support to ensure the employer brand is properly managed.

2. Know what you're measuring, measure it, and look beyond the measurement itself

Not only is Heineken evolving the brand but also how it measures its effectiveness. Originally measures looked at both qualitative results, such as the impact on the industry, and quantitative measures such as the 56% increase in applications during the campaign period. 

However applications are the start of the candidate experience of the brand so Heineken have launched an interactive website and consolidating global and local careers sites to streamline the process for applicants. 

3. Couple your external campaign with an simultaneous internal employee advocacy campaign

As well as delivering this campaign externally, one of the central objectives was to create advocacy internally because without it, it would not be possible to authentically reach all the potential Heineken talent out there.

Heineken ran an internal campaign to drive awareness of Go Places 2.0 and engender pride. The films were shared, conversations started, employees encourage to post their own stories, and share with their networks. 

“It’s all about awareness, engagement and pride, those are the three key pillars to our communication strategy both internally and externally.”