ISE Summer Conference 2019, day 1 review. Day 1 has excelled itself so far. 

This is more like a strategic HR conference than a student recruitment conference. 

Headlining (IMO) and pushing the social mobility debate beyond boundaries not seen for a while in the early careers space, was Hashi Mohammed, barrister and BBC radio 4 broadcaster. He presents a humble figure with an extraordinary story. And that was the crux of his message today: just because he and a too few others have managed to break the class ceiling, doesn't mean that we should be pushing for others to fight through the same entrenched bias. He disbanded the "myth of meritocracy" when, for example if you attend private school you are 16% more likely to have higher earnings, 5 years after graduating than if you attend a private school. Education is not democratising careers. When 41% of society believe some races are genetically disposed to work less hard than others, no amount of school programmes positioning you as an employer of choice is going to make the a difference. 

Other power presentations included, but not limited to, @AndyWWestwood opening up the conference with a robust and frank description of the UK economy and labour marketing constraints.

With fewer young people in the UK due to a birth rate dip, it's time for employers to shift from early careers to 'aternatice careers'. Our remit should be knowing the different types of people in the UK and working to help them join our companies. 

A dose of reality from @CArmstrongLDN. Challenging us to think about the archetypes of organisations. Resonates deeply with many in the audience, given the number of nods and mmmms from around me. 

Several other standout moments, check out #ISERec19 for all the stats and commentary. 

Looking forward to what tomorrow brings...