A colleague of mine was with a client who asked; "are we talking about RPO now?"

They weren't. That conversation will be coming later!

This led me to think that maybe what RPO actually is needs to be talked about more.

I wrote in a previous POST how Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) was evolving and the direction I thought our industry was moving towards. However what it only briefly covered was what RPO actually is.

So I thought it would be a useful exercise just to capture the basics and get them out to the wider audience. In doing so I came across this great blog by Kaitlyn Krigbaum who neatly describes what RPO is.

For me it's a partnership where we become the custodians and guardians of your brand going out into the market to look for and engage talent on your behalf. It comes with great responsibility and accountability for the RPO organisation. When true partnerships are established the success it yields is huge.

If you're thinking about Recruitment Process Outsourcing it's a useful starting point at to what it is. As for the benefits of using RPO there's loads of them, but here are my top 5;

  • Access to subject matter experts in recruitment, assessment and attraction
  • Flexibility, agility and scale, we can bring to bear a vast amount of resource very quickly at short notice
  • Financial savings - not only reducing the cost per hire but reducing the time a role is vacant and improving retention
  • Greater access to the talent you need through workforce planning, engagement and messaging
  • Continuous improvement of the service

Happy reading.