I am new to recruiting in Germany; and need some help. We currently have vacancies in country and for bilingual recruiters in our delivery centres to help with a current project.

Germany is becoming known as my teams recruiting black hole; and our client experiences all the same difficulties.

I have, however, been pleasantly surprised that LinkedIn Recruiter has been a pretty decent referral source for STEM Graduates in Germany, with many having profiles in German and English AND response rates at around 35% are above levels I initially expected. I am confident that Campus recruiters speaking just English can recruit in Germany.

However, as we have moved into skilled and specialist roles; things become more challenging; we have had limited success from Germanys selection of job boards and CV databases (inc indeed, stepstone etc) and have had some small success with a LinkedIn recruiter licence and English approaches.

I have lost count of how many recommendations of Xing that I have received over the past week; none of these recommenders though have recruited from it; or even have a profile on it!

Anyway, I am in an experimental stage and happy to give this a go. An internet search showed me they are about to rebrand as ‘New Work’; a move presumably to break them out of Germany; and things look and feel pretty credible. So, I have just given our new Bilingual Recruiter both LinkedIn Recruiter and an enhanced Xing licence. It would appear both have a similar sized user base in Germany and I am looking forward to seeing the results.

Interested in connecting with anyone like me who is currently venturing into new territories and experimenting like me; keen to share and learn.