We spotlight themes internally at PeopleScout in the UK to help educate each other. 

This month I have enjoyed learning from colleagues about BAME diversity. I should add that my first learning is that the BAME term itself, though widely used, is not universally accepted!

Anyway, this recent spotlight has motivated to share two recent examples that have particularly resonated with me that I believe demonstrates the challenges those from ethnic minority backgrounds face in society which of course impacts experiences at work!

Firstly, England and Manchester City footballer Raheem Sterling highlighted example of the experience of two of his young Manchester City Colleagues; two very similar profiles, similar footballing experiences, similar employment contracts and similar house prices… yet 2x very different reports in the media:

“Footballer splashes 2.25m on a mansion despite never having started a Premier League match”


“Starlet Foden buys new £2m home for his mum”

The key difference between these two young footballers? the colour of their skin! Talk about a bias in the media!?!! 

As a sports fan this example appeared to gain decent media coverage, but I am not sure how far it went outside of the sporting circles; but secondly, I also noted this fantastic campaign which I don’t believe is getting the attention it merits despite some good early PR from the BBC and Guardian….


As somebody who is not a member of this group, I won’t presume to speak for BAME communities but personally I have found it interesting reflecting on my colleague’s experiences. Externally, Raheem Sterling and Cephas Williams have both done a great job in empowering me to share something; and if enough people did this, or at least created some time to think about it, then it would go some way to helping us tackle an important issue in our society.

Not a recruiting share from me, but I hope you will agree.... some really good work from Raheem and Cephas!