Its often a surprise to managers when an employee decides to leave. But does it always have to be? 

This article explores some of the red flags and traces it back to a 9-month warning sign. Looking at things such as engagement levels, mystique around pay, culture and development, the Peakon data explains that if you look for the signs that maybe you can stop that star employee from resigning. 

For me, I'm not convinced. I believe that once someone has decided a job/company/manager is not for them then its hard to pull them back from it and that ultimately they will still leave. You might be able to convince them to stay a little longer (which may be enough to see you through a tricky time) but I wonder that unless you can make fundamental changes to the way someone feels about their job/company/manager can you ever stop them and make them think twice? Maybe that's actually the best we can hope for.

Have a read of the below and let me know what you think.