My continuing exploration into flexible working goes on.

In my research I found Vodafone's stance on flexible working and a white paper, well more of a guide, they've produced highlighting their learning and passing this out to the wider business community.

It's a very insightful and gives some great starters for any business looking at approaching their flexible working strategy differently. It's very worth while downloading the whitepaper to have a read through.

The paper breaks the approach down into easily digestible sections beginning with what Vodafone did. Although brief it does outline their strategy and their thinking behind it. The guide then goes into helping you think about how to set up your flexible working approach. 

I really like this bit. It sets out what you need to consider when first starting out. They talk about understanding your work and requirements. It explains how utilising a change management framework is Key - makes sense right. The tools section is, as you would imagine, all about mobility leveraging technology - Vodafone are a telecommunications company now - and makes you think about the tech you'll need to deploy.

From the insights section where there are comments from both Vodafone and the themes coming through seem to be;

  • The technology is there to enable flexible working
  • Business managers on the front line need to be convinced that the benefits are real
  • Employees interpret flexible working differently to their individual needs

This is certainly one of the best documents I've seen to helping organisations set up their flexible working strategy. It's not extensive, it gets straight to the point and has some great starters for you. Well worth a read