We are constantly reviewing our go to attraction channels and in this cost-conscious and short-term results driven industry we generally find its mostly about prioritising making time to create the best job copy possible that’s blends USP’s with challenges to self-select the wrong persons out, before optimising for search before putting in the places we know will drive lots of traffic.

We know we can get good people landing on the apply pages. The challenge is then to maximise conversion at this stage. This is a common hot topic in our team and its lead me to really think about how we in recruiting use remarketing.

You get used to being remarketed too, I recently moved home and in search of furnishings did a whole lot of internet browsing; adding items to baskets inviting emails for discounts to complete my order; but I was impressed with Made.com who hit me with sale items to compliment other items we had purchased a few months down the line and it worked.

It got me thinking about how we are using it in recruitment. We have used retargeting to contact ‘incomplete applications’ (where the ATS allows) and are really pushing clients to develop better pre-application workflow and the development of talent communities but I am still not seeing great progress in the industry when using display ads to retarget.

Perhaps I am exposing us, but I (and our research team) look at a whole bunch of client and non-client career sites; we view jobs, click apply to get a feel for the application form etc (most recruiters do this); yet my display ads NEVER shows any recruitment remarketing.

I would love to hear from people who have experience in this area. I believe it could be a hugely underused recruitment channel.