Cliches are everywhere but in the world of work the people quotes all too often roll of the tongue without real meaning . When did you last hear “We’re a people-driven business.” or “Talent is our most important asset.”?  There is no shortage of noise on the talent shortages and the skills gap and in many organisations the resourcing or talent acquisition team (or RPO provider) are pulling out all the stops to attract applicants and build quality pipelines.

It is all too often what comes next that can make or break the hiring process.  Is every individual and manager involved in the candidate journey truly aware of their role and responsibilities in securing top talent? Unless we teach all leaders the basics of effective attraction, recruitment, and selection, we’ll continue to sing the same chorus over and over again: “why can’t we fill these roles?” 

We conducted some research a while back and there were 19 separate touch points in a typical candidate journey.  Each one is an opportunity to bring the employer brand to life and inspire the applicant to want to work for your organisation, equally each touch point is a risk of doing the exact opposite.

Securing the engagement of hiring managers and support staff in the experience you want to provide and just how important these interactions are is vital to hiring success. Too often it is just assumed that everyone knows the employer brand themes and pillars, that they know the language that they should use and how the culture and values should be shared.  But without the right toolkit, training and prioritisation we leave this at risk of going wrong (sometimes badly).  

As we help organisations of all shapes and sizes create their employer brand we see the whole process from attraction and hiring to on-boarding and engagement as one joined up employee life cycle and the more that is the case the more all these touch points will know and understand what is expected of them.  That said we produce tool kits and hiring guides so that assets that you need to succeed are readily available and help provide the edge in the talent war.