Few people working now were around in the heady days of 1971 when the UK made the shift from imperial to decimal currency. After all, it's nearly half a century ago. 

So it's interesting that - according to the latest ONS Workforce Survey - the UK has the highest percentage of working age people in employment at 75.8% - up on the previous year and higher than any time since these records began (1971).

So are TA/HR teams doing enough to flag the market context they're operating within and lobbying for appropriate budgets to stand out? Whilst there's alot of noise around Brexit and its impact on employment, it's hard to separate the noise and politics from fact. 

In the past week I've spoken to an NHS Trust, leisure operator and management consultancy who all referenced a tighter talent marketplace and fewer quality applications. 

So to be successful, you need to research and understand the competitor set you're up against and - if necessary - make the business case for the right budgets.