New research from Barclays shows that only 6% of Gen Z think of manufacturing for a career ! They do not believe that they have the skills nor do they see it as a sector with great career prospects.

It is no surprise that the majority aspire towards the digital, technology or IT sectors. This would indicate that there will be a growing talent shortage in the manufacturing space but it is based on a lack of understanding.  Manufacturing uses advanced technology and has for years, it is increasingly robotics driven but the sector is clearly not communicating effectively with the coming generations. 

When you look at the competencies this sector needs - decision making, social, resource management, problem solving and technical it is really no different from any other sector that this generation is attracted to.

This mismatch between the truth and the perception has been a growing problem, c40% of the participants revealed that they think the problem is increasing.

It looks obvious that this needs both strategic as well as tactical solutions. Strategic in that the industry needs to start a communications plan to re-educate future generations on the benefits and opportunities of careers in this sector.  At a tactical level the challenge is driving better pipelines through engaging with the audience in the right channels and with the appropriate messages that dispel the myths that they have of this sector.