With 2018 drawing to a close what does 2019 hold for employers?

We know that Brexit is going to have an integral impact on what happens with the both the UK and European job markets. But what challenges will the new year and new landscape bring?

Will it be anything new?

According to research by Cascade it's Employee Engagement.

It makes sense!

With the uncertainty ahead, retaining your employees is even more critical. If you've got great people do everything you can to hold on to them. Listen to their needs, concerns, ambitions and ideas. Engage them. 

Because if you don't you'll be recruiting in a volatile, nervous and contracted market which is a whole different challenge!

Some great stats are called out in this article with a nice reference to the challenges from 2018.

Oh and 2nd on the list for 2019 - recruitment. Forewarned is forearmed.