As I talk to customers across the globe the topic that will be part of almost every conversation is about D&I.  At the HRO Today event in Amsterdam just last week I was part of an interesting debate with RPO leaders and customers exploring the whys and wherefores of quotas and the such.

If I had seen this article from McKinsey I think it would have stirred the debate even more.  I have previously written about this topic quoting both the policies of many US Corporate's and then shared the statistics that go with them stating that all too often the noise is there but the actions are not.

So this extensive research confirms more of the same.  The word used is "stalled" which in my world says stopped, my car goes nowhere when it is stalled.

Questions need to be asked to assess what are the actions that are required to kick start the momentum. The UK is well over mid way through the second year of Gender Pay Gap reporting and one wonders whether the next set of statistics will show much progress or whether all the noise from 2018 will show that there is no real momentum as a result.

It is all about the hiring and promotion of female talent and it starts at entry level, more US females gain bachelors degrees than men but fewer are hired into entry level talent roles and then as soon as the promotion opportunity is there for a managerial role the disparity grows.

Lots to read and lots of food for thought for those organisations who do want to make a difference.